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NeoTex FIBC Stand: E202

FIBC Bags can be manufactured with a number of variations in their designs to cater to different requirements for storage and transportation. 1 & 2 Loop FIBC Bulk Bags are constructed using tubular body fabric which directly get extended to create 1 or 2 lifting loops as required. This gives the bags additional strength and makes it economical as there no further requirement of adding additional loops to the bag. 

Advantages of 1 & 2 Loop FIBC Bags

  • Loading efficiency
  • Cost-savings
  • Customized features for various practical purposes

Common Uses & its Applications 

1 & 2 Loop FIBC Bags are used as the preferred packaging solution in industries like agriculture, fertilizer, construction, mining etc. One Two Loop FIBC Bags are perfect for storing and transporting seeds, fertilizers, minerals & powdered raw materials such as cement & sand.

  • Safety ratio – 5:1 and 6:1
  • SWL – 500kg to 1500kg


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