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30 Jan 2024

Toyota CDI120 Automated Horizontal Carrier

Toyota Material Handling Australia Stand: C120

The CDI120 pallet carrier is well suitable for automated transport in your production site or logistic center. It can be integrated in a manual operation or with our Autopilot fleet to operate in a fully automated system. The Autopilot CDI can pick up and transport pallets from point A to B, where for example an automated stacker will store it in the racking.

The drive-through station allows the automated pallet carrier to support your point-to-point transport or replenishments efficiently, optimising your logistics flow.

Safe operation

The Autopilot CDI120 is programmed to work alongside manual operators and complete all tasks safely. The built-in safety scanner detects obstacles along its path and takes action to prevent collisions. The automated vehicle is continuously scanning its environment and the safety fields turn towards the driving direction to ensure maximum safety.


  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (Agvs)
  • Handling Machinery
  • Pallet Lifter
  • Plant Equipment
  • Short Order Runs
  • Cleaning Equipment
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